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The final version of this site is not called spelling frog, spelling ant, books count...it's called spellingcity.com!  Give it a try.

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The sounds we have so far: abide, above, add, ago, alarm, all, always, animal, ant, around, aunt, away, bait, ball, balloon, band, barn, bath, beam, bean, birth, blog, bonanza, brought, but, can, cannot, damn, flour, flower, their, there, to, too, two, weather, whether
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How to use this spelling test web site?

This website is a free spelling test. To get started, you enter your words. Then, you need to put your list away and we will say them back to you just like a spelling test. You should try to spell them correctly into the boxes without looking at your list.

To copy and paste a list of words to practice, click here.

To use this site

You need to be able to hear when we read you the spelling words. To test your audio, click here. If you did not hear anything, click here for troubleshooting help.

Sample Tests – Pick one to try it:

  • Kindergarten words
  • 1st grade words
  • Harry Potter Words
  • States
  • Numbers
  • Rocks
  • Frequently misspelt words
  • british spelling
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